Pulborough Brooks

My third attempt to find the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Pulborough was a success today. The chances of seeing a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker are sadly remote with the decline of their favoured decaying wet woodland habitat, so I was eager to see this bird in the Arun Valley. A message on the Sussex Birders Whatsapp group at 12.00 prompted me to leave home swiftly, and on arriving at the back gate of fattengates yard I was told it had been seen in the elms behind the area of scrub adjacent to the swinging gate. I picked the bird up on my first attempt at scanning, it's red head and finely patterned wings being obvious, as was its size, being not much bigger than a Great Tit, but giving the impression of a much more delicate bird. It pecked away with its small pointy bill at the lichen covered branches, moving around low in the tree and proving difficult for the camera to focus. I watched it coming in and out of view for about half an hour, never showing well enough for photos, but leaving a lasting impression of a fabulous little bird with loads of character. It would be very sad to lose the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker from Sussex.  

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


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