Amberley Wildbrooks and The Burgh

It was all about the Fieldfares this morning at Amberley Wildbrooks which are back in the hawthorns that line the wey south path, chuckling as they flush and fill the sky. There was at least a hundred but it could have been double that. Redwings were also in good number. Wildfowl has reduced significantly since the water has receded with just a few Wigeon on the river and c60 Teal at the swamp. A Snipe, a Lapwing, 3 Red Kites and a Merlin were the other highlights. The wet wood seemed particularly quiet with just a flock of c30 Goldfinch of note. 


In the afternoon I popped to the Burgh but was a bit distracted and unfocused. I did notice a good deal of Chaffinches around, perhaps 40, a single Raven, and 7 Red-legged Partridge. A large flock of gulls came over heading south and these looked like Common Gulls. Hundreds of Woodpigeons were flushed from some trees but I couldn't determine what caused it. 


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