Amberley Wildbrooks

Amberley was much drier this morning and consequently there were much less wildfowl around, although the swamp held c100 Mallard, 28 Wigeon and 40 Teal. I also flushed 10 Snipe as I walked along the river bank. The hedges in this area were full of birds with a good few Reed Bunting, a Blackcap, and what I'm pretty sure was a flock of c8 Blackbirds that flew off together. I didn't see any other plumage features on the birds to suggest they were anything other than Blackbirds. Perhaps these were continental birds. Other notable bird sightings this morning were a Kingfisher, a Siskin, 2 Bullfinch, at least 2 Chiffchaffs, 2 Redwing heard, and I'm pretty sure I heard a Golden Plover, but a search with the bins could only reveal 3 Lapwing. The Fallow deer were rutting for the second week. 

Fellow bucks mid rut

Fallow deer rut 


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