Bempton Cliffs

I was becoming increasingly eager to see the Black-browed Albatross in Yorkshire, so with Friday off work I took my overnight things to work with me in Guildford with the intention of leaving straight from there. I managed to leave Guildford at 4PM which of course meant I hit the M25 at the worst time. My hotel was an hour's drive south of Bembton Cliffs, but I could still make it to Bempton Cliffs with a bit of daylight remaining, and then head back to my hotel and go back the next day. However, I managed to persuade myself that if I did see the albatross in the evening I would drive straight back and join some friends for a fishing trip the next day. When I finally arrived at Bempton Cliff at 8.45PM I was encouraged by passing birders who reported that the albatross was showing well. When I arrived it had disappeared behind the cliff and was out of sight. I stood waiting nervously, checking out the Puffins and Razorbills that were nesting on the cliff, both new species for me. It was an amazing place, with thousands of seabirds flying back and forth from fishing expeditions and perched on the cliff edge. 

Puffin and Razorbill



After about 15 minutes a huge relief came over me as I spotted the bird flying low down, and alerted the few other visitors nearby to it too. For the next 20 minutes before I left it was souring around the cliff edge, occasionally perching up then soaring off again, sometimes doing a curious shaking movement at the top of its ascents. Alas, I couldn't get any good photographs, but did manage some shaky video of it flying around the area. I headed off for the long drive home with a sense of euphoria that the effort I'd put in had paid off. I certainly see the appeal of twitching. However, after a 12 hour round trip I was absolutely exhausted and resolved that I am not cut out for it! 

Black-browed Albatross

Black-browed Albatross


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