West Dean Woods

I visited a new site this evening, West Dean Woods, which is a traditional woodland site managed by the SWT and own by the West Dean Estate. Hawfinches are currently being monitored in this area, and it is likely they are breeding, but alas I didn't find any today. I followed the Monkton track to the old flint barn, but unfortunately could not follow the route I wanted to because the path has been closed to the public. Nevertheless, there were good numbers of Marsh Tits in the area. I recorded three, but I got a sense there were more. A Garden Warbler was singing near the flint barn and here too was a family group of Chiffchaffs. A splendid Field Maple tree along the chalk path gave a nice picturesque view of the area, and this scene was further enhanced by the fact I saw absolutely no one the whole time I was around there.

Field Maple tree and the old flint barn 



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