Pulborough Brooks

 A lovely trip around the Wetland trail at Pulborough with Viv this morning started with a Willow Warbler singing in the car park. After a catch up with old aquiatences, introductions to new ones, and a bit of recruitment to the SWT regional group, we headed off around the reserve. Without scopes the birding was confined to fairly close range although Avocets and Shelducks were conspicuous at both ends of the reserve. Nightingales and a Cetti's Warblers gave a few powerful bursts of song here and there. A few butterflies were noted, including Red Admiral, Orange Tip, and my first Cinnabar Moth of the year, but the star insects were the dragonflies. We missed the them emerging at Fattengates pond, but about the reserve were many Azure Damselflies, a few Broad-bodied Chasers, and a Golden-ringed Dragonfly along Adder Valley, which is a new on for me. Wildflowers were also catching our attention, some of which I knew, some I should have known, and others were new. Amongst them, occassionaly, were the russet leaves of oak tree saplings.

Cinnabar Moth

Broad-bodied Chaser

Azure Damselfly

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Birds-foot Trefoil

Germander Speedwell 

Crosswort and Greater Stitchwort 

Water Crows-foot

Scorpion Fly


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