Wet South Path: Amberley to Pulborough

With constant showers and a feeling that the birding (or any other nature watching) probably won't be great, it was difficult to get out today. However, with lengthy breaks in the showers forecast I managed to build up the motivation to do the old canal path walk from Amberley to Pulborough. It was interesting enough, but all in all a bit mediocre. Despite the weather and lack of any insects I held out hope for a Hobby, but it was in vein. There seemed to be something over the brooks for the Swifts, though, as a group of five or six were hawking. 

Up by Quell Farm two Cuckoos were busy feeding. I've seen them here regularly so there will most certainly be an unfortunate Meadow Pipit nearby. Also here an usual sight for this time of year when a flock of 30 Greylag Geese came noisily over and landed on the NE side of the reserve. Through the farms it was very busy with birdlife with House Sparrows, Pied Wagtails and Goldfinches everywhere. A Nightingale was heard at Coldwaltham and on Widney Brooks there were 2 Avocets, but no sign of the LRPs today. 

Wey South Path

The rest of the walk was a bit rushed as I needed to catch the train at Pulborough. At the station I saw 2 Buzzards, the only raptors seen on the trip. It was unsettling to see a few police cars with sirens on at the station, and to be approached by an officer who asked me if I'd seen a discarded weapon anywhere! 



Barn at Hardham


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