Another hard frost this morning and the Arun Valley at Amberley was full with fog, so I headed to Climping. The seawatching was pretty dire, although a possible 2 Arctic and single Great Skua were seen very distantly early on; too far for me to ID, though. The only other movement was a few Sandwich Terns. 

There were some other curious sightings, however. There was some flotsam on the water, or likely something that had been picked up from the beach, and something shiny a bit further out. I spotted a Great Black-backed Gull that was wrestling with something just under the surface. It pecked away at whatever it was until another gull arrived, at which point it hurriedly lifted something out, swallowed it down whole and flew off. The intruding gull hung around and was joined by others who were pecking about under the surface. Whatever it was must have been large. 

As I was zooming in on what I thought was a distant diver some commotion came into view much closer near Elmer, and I spotted a Hobby chasing a small passerine over the water. The Hobby, in turn, was being pursued by a gull which, presumably, was nesting nearby. It didn't appear that the Hobby came in off the sea, and my guess is it chased the small bird out over the water from land. Or, perhaps, the Hobby was lying in wait for exhausted migrants to reach the coast. It was fascinating to watch.


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