Amberley Wildbrooks

At Amberley this morning the Nightingale was still belting out its song. However, there was only one Willow Warbler singing today and I didn't hear a Lesser Whitethroat. A single Redshank was on the swamp. The swan is still sat on its nest, and today the male was close by, the first time I've seen it here so I wonder if this means the chicks aren't far from hatching. At the wet wood something fledging Chiffchaffs (or possible Willow Warblers) were being fed by an adult. A message came through from Matt that a White-tailed Eagle was at Pulborough and 2 Common Terns had also been seen going south. Alas, I didn't see the terns, but after stopping for a break I set my scope over towards the NE side of the reserve and there was the White-tailed Eagle, sat on a post with all its mass. I walked back through the wet wood and it was still there and now being mobbed by a Buzzard. There hasn't been one sighted in the Arun Valley for a couple of weeks as far as I'm aware, so if this is the same bird that's been in the area a while, G408, then I wonder what adventures it's been on. 


Reed Warbler


Fledgling Chiffchaffs

White-tailed Eagle

White-tailed Eagle


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