Amberley Wildbrooks and Hail's View

Due to a late start and wet weather I only did a short walk over Amberley to the river and back. A pair of Lapwing were under the castle with the family party of Egyptian Geese. A 4x4 was droving a herd of cattle 40 strong over to the SE side of the reserve. After a bit of a wait the Nightingale began to singing and gave the briefest of views as it moves around the scrubby area by the kissing gate. No hirundines here today or the abundance of Hobbies as reported on SOS (12 were counted!). 

River Arun at Amberley

NW side of the Amberley Wildbrooks

Nice, scrubby Nightingale habitat

Afterwards I dropped into Hail's View which was nicely sheltered from the drizzley rain. There's been a proliferation of Sycamores in Black Wood, some now very tall, which is crowding out the understory, which was carpeted with Bluebells and Greater Stitchwort. The warden will be working on this during the winter. I thought I heard a distant Willow Warbler whilst standing at the far SW corner, but couldn't be certain. On the south brooks were 2 drake Mandarins on the water and plenty of hirundines and Swifts. Two of the three Avocets that were on the south brooks yesterday were now feeding on the mid brooks along with ca 12 Shelduck. A Hobby came by, but didn't stop as it headed in the Coldwaltham direction. 

Sycamores in Black Wood

I drove past Waltham Broosk which looked quite busy. Two men were throwing ropes with something heavy on the end into the river. I think they were magnetic fishing; a new hobby where the participant hopes to find treasures, or something of metalic interest, hitherto hidden in the depths of the river. 


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