Another diversion to Climping on another frosty and foggy morning. It was an instructive trip, although the list of uncertain IDs far outweighed the certainties. Of those I could confidently ID, I noted 4 Sandwich Terns, at least 4 Gannets, 4 Whimbrel (although there were probably 8+ in total) and a Wheatear on the beach. A flock of 20 waders that I caught last minute as they headed into the sun were very likely Bar-tailed Godwits. Further out, one or two birds moving east quite high looked like they could be skuas, and I think I could make out white flashes on the wings of one of the darkers birds, so that could have been a Great Skua. The others appeared to have very white heads, but they were so distant I couldn't properly make out the light and dark markings. A bird closer in that sheered low across the water on stiff wings was likely a Fulmar. The most curious sighting was another bird close in and low to the water that look very much like a falcon. It appeared to be heading inland but went off in an easterly direction. According to guides Arctic Skuas can look falcon like, although this was perhaps smaller, more Hobby sized. I wonder if it could be a Hobby, but it seemed out of place flying across the sea so close to the water. It was a humbling trip that highlighted to me my seawatching inexperience. It felt really difficult to get good views of the birds going by, even those close in. On the way back to the car I stood next to some scrub and watched 3 Whitethroats chasing each other around. I was very close and they seemed unfazed by that, almost clattering into me at times. Fantastic. 





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