Amberley Wildbrooks and The Burgh

A frosty start at Amberley still produced some good birding with highlights being a Kingfisher on the river, a female Redstart on the northern edge of the reserve that boundaries Quell Farm, and a Whitethroat in sub-song. The Redstart was a patch tick and the first I've seen on spring migration. The bird appeared to have a tick, or some form of abnormality, under its right eye. It was along the same fenceline as the Wheatears so somewhere to keep an eye on.  



In the evening, after Joe reported a White-tailed Eagle again at Rackham, I headed out to high ground to try and spot it. After being beeped at by a gang of groundworkers as I stood peering down the arun valley with my scope from the Houghton viewpoint, it was time to move on so I headed over to the Burgh. Two police cars pulled up at Canada Barn and were apparently looking for a missing person. Birds recorded on the short visit here were 10 Grey Partridge, a Yellowhammer and a Peregrine. There were a lot of thrushes feeding out in the fields but none of the more scarce variety. 


Grey Partridge


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