Amberley Wildbrooks

Despite the glorious sunshine it was deceivingly cold at Amberley this afternoon. There was no sign of the big egrets, and not a single gull either. The Merlin was about again, and 2 Marsh Harriers, 2 Buzzards and a Red Kite made up the other raptors. 2 Egyptian Geese and 4 Greylag Geese were on the NW side, and on the far NW edge a Lapwing was displaying again, although only one was seen today whereas two were yesterday. At the wet wood a Snipe and a Water Rail were both heard and not seen, and a Barn Owl dived into the segde. Later it headed straight towards me as it hunted along the ditches adjacent to the path, and as I left it was perched on the edge of someone's garden. I think I heard a Lesser Redpoll which landed in a tree directly above my head, but I wasn't able to see it and it's been a little while since I've heard this species and I've only revently learnt their call. Distantly over at Glebe Farm I was today able to identify the flock of thrushes that I struggled with yesterday due to the heat haze: c40 Fieldfare and 10 Redwing were present amongst the normal c10 Magpies. 


Little Egret

Reed Bunting

Barn Owl 


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