Climping and Amberley Wildbrooks

It was low tide at Climping this morning so I was able to find a spot low down out of the brisk north easterly wind. I was there between 7.45 and 9.30ish and it appeared to be very quiet, but reports later on of large movements of auks and divers from Goring left me wondering if I was looking hard enough! However, this was observed a little later on and the Selsey group who were watching at the same time as me didn't report such large movements, so I may have just missed it. I am fairly certain there was a Slavonian Grebe on the sea, but everytime I picked it up it was visible for just a few seconds before it dived. It appeared smaller than Great Crested Grebe with a smaller bill and clear black cap, but I didn't see it long enough to absolutely rule out GCG, and what I was sure was a Red-throated Diver that turned out to be a Red-breasted Merganser left me with a bit of self-doubt about my perception this morning. There were certainly a lot Red-breasted Mergansers on the sea, at least 10 but it could have been double that, as well as a single Red-throated Diver, and four distant auks going east. A flock of 100 Brent Geese came in from the west and landed on the sea and then went off again west. It was pretty good for waders with 3 Curlew, c15 Sanderling, 2-3 Grey Plover, and a few Turnstones and Oystercatchers. A few Mediterranean Gulls were also seen. 


Mediterranean Gulls

Brent Geese

Red-breasted Merganser

Red-breasted Merganser

Red-breasted Merganser


Grey Plover


Littlehampton West Beach

On the way home I stopped off for the Wey South Path steeplechase at Amberley, although the water has receded in some places. 50 Coot were noted under the castle alongside 7 Gadwall, many Wigeon, a few Teal and Shoveler, a group of Canada Geese and a dozen or so Lapwing. On the opposite side were c90 Common Gulls. Unusually only a few Fieldfares were recorded today, although there appeared to be an increase in Song Thrushes, particular along the straight path up to the wet wood. There were also many Meadow Pipits along here as expected and a few Linnet and Stonechat. I keep hoping to find Redpoll again in the wet wood, but there still doesn't appear to be any about after good counts here in October. A Peregrine sent up the Lapwing in the NW corner, and there were quite a few Red Kites and the odd Buzzard around. Flocks of Greylag geese were moving about, but I didn't notice any white fronts amongst them.  

Red Kite


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