Amberley Wildbrooks

In the icy wind and drizzle at Amberley this afternoon I noted, under the castle, 32 Common Gulls, 39 Coot, 10+ Shoveler and a few Gadwall amongst the normal wildfowl. The river was nearly overtopping when I got to the river bank, and I later saw water tickling over the top, but I don't think it lasted long. A Buzzard was sat on the river bank. Matt had reported a Hen Harrier going south from Pulborough, as well as 15 Golden Plover. I may have just missed the Hen Harrier, but after familiarising myself with Golden Plover calls, lo and behold I could hear them over towards Rackham as I stood by the wet wood, although I didn't manage to spot any. A Red Kite came gliding over and 5 Siskin appeared briefly in the trees behind me. A pair of Bullfinch were calling regularly in the wooded area by the kissing gate. I timed my departure well as the wildfowlers arrived about 4 o'clock. 


River overtopping

Flooding under the castle

River Arun from the bank

River Arun from the bank


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