Pulborough Brooks

 With some of the hides back open at Pulborough I thought I would take advantage of them in the wet weather this morning. Matt had the same idea and was at the car park when I arrived. Here we saw a Barn Own come over the car park and head towards the south brooks. I had seen it a few minutes ealier come over the road and head to Parham, and we saw it again at the deer enclosure heading to the south brooks. I wonder if it's hunting over the fields around Hurtson Place Farm, perhaps due to a scarcity of rodents on the brooks following last year's floods, and then heads back to the normal roosting site on the south brooks. 

At Winpenny 2 Peregrines were perched up on a fence, and there were Wigeon and Lapwing around. At Little Hanger we saw Pintail, Wigeon, Teal, Shoveler, Black-tailed Godwit, loads of Greylag Geese and the Norfolk Marsh Harrier. There was a fox out the front of the hide, opportunitistically chasing the wildfowl around, which wasn't too concerned until it got too close and they would fly off to another spot to carry on feeding. At one point the fox was just outside the hide as it chased a squirrel around. 

Pete and Alice were at the hanger and the four us stood there in the drizzle watching not much happen on the south brooks except for the vain attempts by the fox to catch a goose. I left to carry on with some painting at home, but it was unfortunately just a bit too soon as half an hour later Matt reported a Woodcock had just flown past!





Greylag and fox


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