Hail's View, Amberley Wildbrooks and Waltham Brooks

 After the drive back from Norfolk I fancied a good dose of Arun Valley birding. I headed to Hail's View where a Merlin was perched out on a fance post, and remained there for the short time I was there. There's many ducks, geese and Lapwing out on the well flooded south brooks now, and a single Ruff and 2 Tufted duck were amongst them. A Marsh Harrier was keeping everything on high alert. 


At Rackham there was no sign of either the Bewick's or white fronts, but here too the birds are in large numbers now. The highlight, however, was a Firecrest in some holly by the road, presumably the same one that was in this area a few weeks ago. 

Final stop was Waltham Brooks. Widney was very quiet, although there is not much water here yet, and the lagoon held the usual plus a couple of Tufted Ducks. 


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