Climping and Amberley Wildbrooks

Tricky conditions at Climping this morning with high water and a couple of metres of swell. I recorded just a few Mediterranean Gulls moving west, the odd Brent Goose, Red-breasted Merganser and Gannet, and a couple of auks. Apart from that it was pretty uneventful. 


On the well flooded Amberley Wildbrooks via the wey south path there are ducks and geese (mainly Canada Geese) everywhere. I walked through the flood through to the back of the wet wood but still couldn't see any white fronts of Bewick's, although 33 white fronts were reported from the Rackham viewpoint later on. Highlights were just a Peregrine and a significant flock of ducks in the sky near Rackham. 


Wet South Path

Ducks in the Sky at Amberley


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