Climping and Amberley Wildbrooks

This morning I treated myself to a trip to the coast, and headed to Climping for a seawatch at first light. To begin with it was very quiet, with just a few gulls and Turnstones moving around. After a spectacular sunrise things got a bit more livelier. A single Curlew went over and headed inland, and a single Mediterranean Gull went by. A few Brent Geese were moving and a group of 60 landed on the sea not far away. I spotted 3 distant divers that I couldn't identify. The two nearest were moving very fast and were difficult to track, but they appeared to be quite straight-necked and their wingbeats quite shallow, probably ruling out red throated. Two dark birds were sitting on the sea, and I really struggled to see any colouration, although one did appear to have a slightly more pale face. They dived together to feed, and having ruled out grebe for lack of any pale markings I am pretty certain these could only have been Common Scoter. My first in Sussex. A black and white bird seen flying low towards shore may have been an Eider. 


Brent Geese

Brent Geese

Mediterranean Gull

The wey south path at Amberley Wildbrooks is more or less impassable now, with water nearly overtopping my wellies. This gives a sense of being right in the middle of it, with geese and ducks all around. There's still no sign of the 2 Bewick's spotted the other day, although there are many Mute Swans, and no white fronts seen today. Starlings were in abundance, as were Common Gulls. A Sparrowhawk, Red Kite and Buzzard were the raptors seen. 

Amberley Wildbrooks



Update 24/12: The Bewick's and white fronts were seen later on the east side of the reserve.


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