It was a grey, drab day at Warningcamp, just brief glimpses of blue skies injecting a bit of colour into the late autumn foliage. Still it was nice to be outside, and although the birding was similarly unremarkable there was enough to keeps interests piqued. Gulls as always were a regular presence with good numbers of Common Gulls about. By the WWT something flushed the wildfowl and flocks of geese and ducks made to the sky; mainly Graylag Geese, Canada Geese and Egyptian Geese and a flock of Shoveler. At least 4 Red Kites and a few Buzzards were patrolling, at times fairly close, and a single Stonechat battled the wind to feed. Walking back through the woods near the village there were a few Redwing and a flock of Long-tailed Tits. Fieldfare was subsequently added to the list after looking at photos of a flock of thrush-sized birds that I couldn't ID at the time. 


Red Kite




Egyptian Geese

I popped up to the triangle at Burpham but only saw a few Red Kites before I had to leave due to a farmer strimming the area. More Red Kites were seen at Houghton on the drive home; there must be a lot about at the moment. 


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