Hail's View

 It was a windy morning at Hails View, and it felt much quieter than recent days, with not a lot moving overhead. The 2 Barn Owls were out hunting together again. Two Peregrines appeared and flushed a large flock of Woodpigeons over the back. The Peregrines reappeared a moment later after I saw an explosion of feathers from what looked like a bird carrying an unfortunate Woodpigeon away, which then dropped out of view into the shooting field. But it wasn't the Peregrines with the prey, as the pair of them began to dive bomb something in the area where it went down. My theory is that it was a Sparrowhawk that was flushed from the bush with its prey and managed to protect its catch from the Peregrines, who a few moments later were perched in a tree without a meal, although one had a white feather in its talon. Other higights this morning were 15 Swallows, 2 Chiffchaffs and 22 Lapwing. A strange bird that came over close may have been a dark Marsh Harrier or possibly a Raven. 


Marsh Harrier?

Marsh Harrier?


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