Hail's View

 A Tawny Owl was calling from Parham as I stepped out of the car this morning, and over on the heath a Song Thrush was singing. As I walked down to Hails View I could hear Siskins overhead. I couldn't get a good idea of numbers as I was under the canopy, but it sounded like a sizable flock. From Hail's View  at least 20 Lesser Redpolls came over and there were a few Redwings about. I heard a call that I initially couldn't place, but recognised from the guide. It was a Brambling, calling constantly and quite clearly as it headed towards Rackham, although I didn't see the bird. A pleasing and long hoped-for lifer. I was joined by the good company of Warren and Alan for the rest of the time, and other highlights were a Peregrine with prey, and a Red Kite. No sign of the white-fronts today.



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