Hail's View

 Up with the larks at Hail's View this morning, of which I recorded two species, including Woodlark, which was heard singing briefly; a beautiful sound, and not a species I've recorded here before. A Barn Owl was out hunting early, and something flushed a large group of ducks from the pool opposite, but I could only see a Buzzard around. Ducks were mainly Mallard and Teal but 3 Pintail were amongst them. 2 Ruff were associated with some Lapwing that were flying about and then landed distantly. Overhead were Meadow Pipits and a few Redpoll, and I'm pretty certain I heard Redwing, but I've not got my ear in with them yet! 2 Ravens went by noisily as I was leaving. 

Barn Owl


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