Arun Valley

 With a day off work and some fine weather I managed to cover a good portion of the arun valley today, starting at Pulborough Brooks first thing where the north brooks is now crammed with wildfowl. Flocks of Wigeon and Teal kept arriving and I wondered if they would find space. A couple of Black-tailed Godwits, a single Shelduck, 3 Ruff, and all the winter ducks were present. On the mid brooks a female Merlin was perched on a fence, but there was not much else to note even from the newly opened Winpenny hide. Other notable sightings were a few Siskin, Redpoll and Redwing, and a calling Crossbill. 

North Brooks


Green Lane

Next stop was Amberley Wildbrooks where I spent most of the time chatting to an ex-land owner who's worked the area of decades, and told me lots of interesting things about the management of the site and the politics between the various interested parties (or not interested, in the case of the Environment Agency). The bird watching wasn't as interesting, however, with just a Wigeon and a few Fieldfare notable. There's a considerable number of Canada Geese on the north west side of the reserve now. 


Final stop, after visiting Jock and Gav at Mill Farm fishing lake (where Redpoll and Siskin were heard overhead) was Waltham Brooks, in the hope of relocating the Dartford Warbler. Alas, I was not successful in this endeavour and the highlight was a single Redpoll perched up by the old canal. 




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