The Burgh and Pulborough Brooks

Raptors and Ravens were the highlight of a trip to the Burgh today. Always difficult to count, there were at least 5 Buzzards and possibly multiples of that soaring over the Arun Valley as I scanned. The most Ravens I've ever seen, and very noisy. At least 13 but it could have been double that amount. 3 Kestrels were noted and a single Hobby was nice as I was about to leave. There was very little of note passerine wise, just a single Whitethroat and a few calling Blackcaps. A few Swallows and House Martins passed through and a group of Grey Partridges, mainly young birds, was seen.


Grey Partridge



Migrant Hawker Dragonfly


In the evening I did a loop of Pulborough Brooks, my first visit to the main reserve for about a month. The birds are systematicly recorded in quite some detail most days here, so there were no surprises. Highlights were Redstart (at Redstart Corner, the first time I've seen one here!), a Ruff, 3 Avocets, 15 Black-tailed Godwits, 45 Lapwing, quite a few Wigeon, and many, many Geese, both Greylag Geese and Canada Geese here in considerable number now. There was a constant presence of passerines overhead, mainly House Martins.



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