Storrington, Bignor Hill and Waltham Brooks

An incredible moment at home today when I sat down after putting up some shelves, looked out the window and spotted a Pied Flycatcher perched up on a fence in the garden. It had just started raining and it was moments before a huge downpour and thunder, so I guess the weather had brought the bird down during its journey south. The moment after the shutter went down on my camera it was gone and I couldnt relocate it. There's been quite an influx of Pied Flycatchers today as they migrate south from their northern breeding grounds, but still, the chances of one turning up in a garden and, further, the garden of a bird watcher who, at that moment, was looking out of the window, must be quite slim! Added to the singing Willow Warbler a few days ago it's been a good autumn for the garden list so far!

After the storm had cleared the air felt fresher, and I headed up to Bignor Hill with the hope that the storm had delivered something interesting. A Spotted Flycatcher early on the walk was a good sign, but alas there hadn't been a big fall and this was the only one seen. However, 3 Redstarts was a nice consolation, and there were plenty of WillowChaffs and a few Whitethroats around. A Sparrowhawk that I flushed and which gave excellent views as it glided past me was a new bird for me at this site.

At Waltham Brooks on the way home the Greenshank is still around along with the 2 Black-tailed Godwits, 3 Green Sandpipers and a Snipe. Whitethroats and Reed Warblers were noticably numerous here today.

Pied Flycatcher




Marsh Tit, Bignor Hill


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