Amberley Wildbrooks and Bignor Hill

Over Amberley this morning, already beginning to bake at 10am, the main highlight was watching the House Martins nest with young peering out. Also of note loads of Swallows and a Red Kite.

In the evening I went to Bignor Hill feeling quite confident I might find a Pied Flycatcher given a big arrival of this species to the south coast today. However, despite a strong lead the bird I suspected to be a Pied Flycatcher was quite elusive and I wasn't able to relocate it after seeing it briefly, against the strong sun and obscured behind some foliage. Notwithstanding this disappointment, Spotted Flycatcher numbers are building and I record 5 of the birds on which I was confident of the ID. There were at least 2 juveniles that looked like they were still being fed my parents. A Wheatear was perched on the fence along the track leading towards the masts, and behind the masts was a Redstart. There were many birds around here but I couldn't get a vantage point for views, but I'm sure there were also Spotted Flycatchers here too. Other notable sightings were Raven and 2 Buzzards. I headed home to escape the intense heat, it still being 30 degrees at 7pm and with no breeze.

House Martins


Spotted Flycatcher


Red Kite


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