Pulborough Brooks

My first trip to the Pulborough Brooks trails since lock down was wonderful. Arriving in the evening in overcast condtions, I had the reserve pretty much to myself. The first bird on the list was a Bullfinch calling by the visitor centre, followed by many of the common pesserines and a few Swifts overhead. As soon I was in earshot of the mid-brooks the Lapwing and Redshank were heard, and a Cuckoo was somewhere close by. Through the deer enclosure a Lesser Whitethroat was flitting about collecting food, and at least 2 Mistle Thrush were about here too. As I headed towards Winpenny the male Cuckoo came flying in low and landed on a branch not far away and hung about the area, seemingly curious with my presence. As I headed past Winpenny the sky became full of Swifts, I counted at least 25 with a few House Martins and Sand Martins amongst them. They hung around feeding over the trees for a few minutes before moving off. At The Hangar the 4 Avocet chicks were accounted for and I sat and enjoyed watching one of the adults chase around some well grown Egyptian Goose chicks. Also here on the north brooks was a single Wigeon, a couple of Shoveler, and probably a Little Grebe and a Teal, but neither wanted to present themselves properly. Something causing an upset at the top of Green Lane was probably a Tawny Owl, but I couldn't spot it in the dense bushes.

North Brooks




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