Steep Down

I headed up to Steep Down for a walk in the pleasant evening warmth, primaly hoping to hear Quail but also generally curious as to how different it would be from my trip here about the same time last year, where after a few hours walking I eventually heard my first Quail. This year there was clearly much more footfall, with people presumably getting out for their unlimited allocation of excercise. There were good numbers of Corn Buntings and Skylarks, although I didn't count them. It was sad to see a very large field had just been cut, it just looked like a fallow field was being prepared for crop, but I wondered how many nests must have been spoiled. A fox was taking advantage of the leftovers. After passing through the trig point I took the lower path back and, in pretty much the same spot as last year, heard a Quail wet-lipping. It seemed very close, but there were a lot of people around so I didn't want to hang about to try and get views. On the way back to the car a Meadow Pipit was still perched on top of an old fence post singing.

View across to Bramber

Corn Bunting

Painted Lady

Meadow Pipit


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