Kithurst to The Burgh

I took an afternoon walk from Kithurst to the Burgh and back in pleasantly warm conditions and a moderate wind. It was a route I did around the same time last year so I was interested to see any differences. The main one was that there were fewer Corn Buntings recorded, just 2 compared with 9 in 2019, but more Skylarks, with 21 compared to 16 last year. Other species comparison are:

2020 Vs 2019

Chiffchaff 8 v 9
Meadow Pipit 0 vs 3
Song Thrush 3 vs 6
Whitethroat 13 vs 7
Yellowhammer 6 vs 5

I also heard a singing Lesser Whitethroat and spotted a Firecrest near Kithurst on the return.

Best sighting of the day though went to a Brown Hare which was sat in front of me on the path after I turned around from leaning on a gate to admire a view.

Brown Hare




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