Storrington, Kithurst and Chantry

I took my normal route from home to Kithurst Hills this morning, but this time headed east to Chantry Hill, looping back via Chantry Lane and Chantry Farm. I recored a decent count of 39 species for the trip, despite there being many more people around escaping isolation. 2 Mistle Thrush feeding in a field just as I got onto the footpath was a good start. 4 Buzzards were near Coldharbour today but later there were 7, with 5 soaring very high together. There was a Marsh Tit calling on the way up Kithurst Hill and another singing at the top. As I strolled across to Chantry there were hundreds of gulls streaming northwards, mainly Blacked-headed Gulls, but I think Herring Gulls and Common Gulls were in there too. A Raven was heard, and Bullfinch and Yellowhammer were added to the list here too. There were queues for Chantry Hill car park, and with the wind strong and chilly I swiftly headed off down Chantry Lane, where another Marsh Tit was heard singing. Cutting across Chantey Farm, where I stopped for a moment to appreciate the warmth of the sun and the shelter from the wind, I noted Starling and Collared Dove and then headed back home.

Marsh Tit

Mistle Thrush

Black-headed Gulls

Black-headed Gull

Marsh Tit


Chantry Hill


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