A low carbon birding trip this morning took me along the River Stor up to Hurston Lane Water Treatment Works and on to Cootham. Only a minute from the flat I recorded a few Redwing, a Greenfinch and plenty of tits and Starlings.  The path along the Stor was alive with bird noises, making it difficult at times to pick out specific species. A noisy Nuthatch, a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker and a calling Treecreeper stood out. Along Hurston Lane were a couple more Greenfinches, some Goldfinch and House Sparrows, and a Buzzard flushed from its perch on a small tree. As I approached the Water Treatment Works a flock of Pied Wagtails came over noisily and landed in the sheep field. I guessed about 20 or so, but when I got closer I noticed there were many more. I counted 60 on the clarifiers, and a few more in the sheep field and perched up on fences. I recorded 70 but there could have been 100. Finally, in the trees alongside the glider field, a Firecrest was about a holly tree.

One of many Pied Wagtails

House Sparrow


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