Storrington and Kithurst Hill

Another walk from home this morning and this time in the other direction up to Kithurst Hill. I took the footpath off Kithurst Lane along which there were singing Greenfinch and Chaffinch; the first time I've heard Chaffinch song for a while. One hedge held good numbers of Goldfinch and Greenfinch and a couple of Redwing, and there was a large flock of Rooks feeding in a field. On the extra large ploughed field at the foot of Kithurst Hill there were Buzzards all over the place, I counted 4 perched in the field and another 3 over the woods being hassled by corvids. In another field there were c50 Redwing and a few Pied Wagtails. A couple of Coal Tits were in the trees around Coldharbour and there were Mallards on the pond. A Green Woodpecker and singing Stock Dove were heard here too. Little was noted on the route up, although I was focused more on the difficult climb. At the top of Kithurst Hill I noted 2 Marsh Tits, the distance between the sightings suggesting they were 2 different individuals, although it is possible it could've been one bird. On the footpath down that meets with Clay Lane I noted a Goldcrest and Raven, and at the bottom were more, or the same, Buzzards as well as a couple of Red Kites. Also here were some very noisy and active Great Tits seemingly unimpressed by my presence, and c10 Pied Wagtails. At Paygate on Amberley Road there was another Marsh Tit, this one certainly a different bird. It appeared to have something in its beak but it was too quick. Along Clay Lane I spotted a Herring Gull and Black-headed Gull in with the pigs and a flyover Skylark, and 2 Buzzards were soaring above Parham.

Redwing and Goldfinch




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