Scotney GPs, ARC Pit and Camber beach

My morning trip to Rye Harbour was thwarted due to Winchelsea Rd being blocked, so I headed back to the west end of Scotney GPs to find the Long-tailed Ducks. Things weren't looking promising after an initial scan, but a walk a little way West gave me a better view of a groups of Tufted Ducks and, amongst them, there were the 2 Long-tailed Ducks.

Long-tailed Ducks

Long-tailed Duck

Also here this morning, a vast flock, mostly Lapwing I think, a few thousand strong sprawled all accross the sky in varying shapes. Magical.


At the ARC Pit I sat in the hide overlooking the reed beds where I could hear the Bearded Tits, but alas failed to see them again. I had the briefest of views when one broke for cover and quickly dropped again into another clump of dense reeds, calling as it went.

At dusk I wandered over the dunes onto Camber beach to see the sunset. The beach was busy with familes, dog walkers and horse riders, but there were still birds to be seen. The tide was well out, but I made out 6 small waders, pale below and greyish above, that I am pretty certain were Sanderling. Out at sea Cormorants where moving west towards Rye Harbour in groups of 10 to 20, and I saw five or six of these groups in the short time I was watching. Perhaps these are the cormorants that spend the day on Burrowes Pit at Dungeness.

Gap in dunes at Camber

Camber beach



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