Amberley Wildbrooks

I got to Amberley at first light and could hear the Wigeon and Teal as I headed out of the village on the Wey South Path. As the light slowly illuminated the wildbrooks I made out a Barn Owl quertering near the river.  On the flooded field with the Wigeon, Teal and Canada Geese, 16 Black-tailed Godwits were revealed, before the whole lot dispersed after the light gave my presence away. Over towards Rackham a Short-eared Owl was quertering, and Red Kites and Buzzards were a constant presence. The swamp was quiet, but a Marsh Harrier, and probably another, glided over, and I'm pretty sure there were 2 Peregrines around that I couldnt get good enough views of identify. There's still a large group of Mute Swans on the river but no sign of winter swans. Redwing and Fieldfare were aplenty. I bumped into a gentleman with binoculars who was looking for a torch he had lost last evening, and who felt I needed to know that he owns a large chunk of the land here. He infomred me there had been a Merlin around recently. On the route back there was now a large flock of gulls around the swamp area, mostly Black-headed Gulls but a good few Common Gulls too.


Black-headed Gulls and Common Gulls



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