Waltham Brooks and Amberley Wildbrooks

A long overdue trip to Waltham Brooks this morning, and the Fieldfares were active. There was a large flock of c100 Teal on the water, a couple of Shoveler, and Teal and a Wigeon. A single Snipe was flushed as I walked towards the footbridge over the old canal, and a Raven passed over noisly. there was a lot more going on over the Hardham side and getting as close as I could I noticed large flocks of Canada Geese, Wigeon, and Lapwing, and a Marsh Harrier and a Buzzard were causing havok.

Greatham Bridge


Waltham Brooks

I stopped off at Rackham Plantation to check out Amberley Wildbrooks, and it turned into a great raptor watch! There didnt appear to be much out on the flooded plane, just a flock of about 100 Lapwing, but they sounded nervous. In quick succession I clocked an attractive tricolour Marsh Harrier quartering, a couple of cream-capped Marsh Harriers, followed by a ringtail Hen Harrier. 4 Red Kites then turned up, followed by 2 Peregrines which were terrorising the c100 Teal that had earlier been flushed by the harriers. Another ringtail Hen Harrier turned up, which briefly grappled with the other before one moved on. I also noted a Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk, and a Buzzard rounded things off nicely. This was all in the space of about half an hour!

Hen Harrier

Red Kite



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