Pulborough Brooks

A dawn start at Pulborough after the rain cleared and it was slow getting underway and generally pretty quiet, at least on the South Brooks. Redwings were seeping overhead as I headed to West Mead, and when I arrived there was a full complement of the usual ducks, but little else. A few Fieldfare were in the hedgerow between Redstart Corner and Little Hanger, and at Winpenny I spotted a Peregrine perched on a fence post, but apart from the large number of  distant waterfowl and a good number of Lapwing, there was little else here, either. I wandered over the North Brooks and large flocks of noisy Wigeon were coming in from the south side. At Little Hanger a flock of 300+ Black-tailed Godwits were providing an impressive aerial display. Visibility was poor at The Hanger as the skies cleared in the west but remained thick cover in the east, but I made out a few Ruff, and a Raven was perched up, cronking away as I chatted to Andy. High water levels continue to attract vary large numbers of waterfowl.

North Brooks

North Brooks



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