Pulborough Brooks

The seeping sound of Redwings was the first thing I heard as I got out of the car on a fine morning at Pulborough. There was some residual fog over the South Brooks as I arrived at West Mead, but I just about made out 2 Ruff at the back of the water, later rising to a count of 5 by the time I reached Winpenny. The Barnacle Goose was seen from Redstart Corner. At Winpenny there was a good number of Wigeon, a handful of Black-tailed Godwits and a distant Shelduck. There was an interesting passerine feeding distantly which appeared pale below and light brown above. It looked like a bunting but could well have been a Skylark. There was a few Fieldfare about as I walked along Adder Valley, but not the count of c60 I had along there on Friday morning, and a Raven was heard and then seen moving across the South Brooks. The Hanger didn't add too much more to the list with just a distant Kingfisher, but the number of waterfowl about now is making for a fabulous spectacle. A couple if Mistle Thursh were heard as I got back to the car.

Black-tailed Godwit amongst the Teal and Wigeon at Winpenny 


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