Waltham Brooks

Swallows were streaming through as I scanned the water at Waltham Brooks in the late afternoon sun. On the water of note were good numbers of Gadwall, a few Teal, one each of Wigeon and Shoveler, and a Little Grebe.


I wandered towards the bridge that crosses the old canal, noting a busy flock of Goldfinch and a Stonechat. Along the old canal there was a Spotted Flycatcher, a Redstart and a Whitethroat.


Spotted Flycatcher

Up on the river bank I stood and watched a large flock of Swallows and House Martins skimming the river's surface before moving off and reappearing again a short while later. I scanned across the river on the Amberley side and made out, distantly, at least 3 Whinchat and one or two other birds perched alongside I couldn't confidently identify. I noticed a flash of blue and breifly glimpsed a Kingfisher, which later gave great views further up river.



I looped around the reserve and over towards the railway footbridge where, whilst stopping for a drink, I was sure I heard a Marsh Tit, but the bird was proving shy. One or two Grey Wagtails were in the treatment works.


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