Nutbourne Channel, Chichester Harbour

I carried on my explorations of Chichester Harbour this afternoon with a trip Nutbourne Channel. A lack of either tree or cloud cover made it surprisingly hot, and with the sun positioning and a heat haze, viewing was challenging. Nevertheless, it started well with big numbers of Swallows feeding over the mud flats, and they remained, darting around the place for the duration of the trip, at times giving nice close views as they skillfully skimmed the water's surface to catch a morsel. Out on the mud were a few Curlew and Black-tailed Godwit, plenty of Oystercatcher, one or two Mediterranean Gulls amongst the Black-headed Gulls, and a pair of Mute Swans fighting, presumably over territory.

                                                                                         Mute Swans fighting

I wandered westwards and stood for a moment watching 2 Willow Warblers leaping out of the scrub to catch flies.
Willow Warbler Chiffchaff
Willow Warbler Chiffchaff

Further along 4 Whinchat were perched all along a hedgerow, and a Little Egret was feeding in the adjoining field.
Little Egret

At end of my outward stroll I scanned the mudflats and noted singles of Greenshank and Turnstone, and then I slowly headed back, catching nice views of a Buzzard, which glided out over the channel before soaring up and out of view.

16/09/19 - I think the bird is a Chiffchaff not a Willow Warbler, given the dark legs an no obviously long primaries, although supercillium is quite distinct!


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