Hails View, Black Wood and Rackham Woods

Shorty after arriving at Hails View the shooting started, and I recorded only 17 species, the most notable of which was about 20 House Martins moving over, so I headed over to Rackham Woods.

Hails View

At Rackham Woods, overlooking Amberley Wildbrooks, things were much more enjoyable, with Buzzards seen soaring the minute I arrived. Then, very soon after, a Hobby was soaring, gaining height and then disappearing almost instantly out of view as it dived. I picked it up again a few moments later hawking over the plain, but it appeared be practicing rather than actually hunting. 


2 or 3 Ravens came noisily, and quite high, over my head, and there were at least 2 Kestrels keeping busy. Around the woods were the usual woodland species with some nice views of a Coal Tit, often, I find, a challening species to see well, and lots of Nuthatch. 


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