Chanctonbury Ring

A new site this morning. I attempted it once before in the summer, but was deterred by the large crowds. This morning was very different, being the only person in the car park, others perhaps choosing to stay in bed on this autumnal morning. Or maybe is it was a difficult climb to the top, caused by the wet, compact clay making it feel like the slopes had been oiled. A Buzzard and a Raven were heard on the way up, but were out of sight above the canopy. I'm sure there was a Firecrest and a Marsh Tit in an area that was dense with birds, but they didn't show so I wasn't confident enough to record them. I emerged from Chalkpit Wood at the hill's summit into strong winds, and headed west along South Downs Way, were I saw two runners and a man in a land rover; the only people I saw on the trip. There were very few birds, bar the gulls and corvids, braving the wind, either, just a few Meadow Pipts and a Kestrel.

Views over Wiston

Chanctonbury Ring

I took a path just beyond the ring, which led me, very steeply, back to the bottom of the hill. On the slow and steady descent I was stopped by a Spotted Flycatcher that leaped out in from of me and settled back on a perch with a fly in its beak. After a couple of tumbles I made it to the bottom and walked back to the car park, noting 3 Blackcaps near an old derelict barn.

Spotted Flycatcher


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