I walked the southern block this evening, stopping first at Hammer Pond, where in the glaring sun I could make out a few Great Crested Grebes tending to noisy young. Along the track towards Bentons Place I saw a White Stork circling over the inaccessible part of the southern block, and after scanning I made out another bird perched on a nest high in a tree, and then another perched in a different tall tree (but not on a nest).
White Stock perched on its nest

A highly probable Hobby flew over, appearing quite dark at a distance and with an almost hirundine-like silhouette. It was too distant for me to make out the red “trousers” so I didn’t confirm the ID. Further along, I flushed a Sparrowhawk which had been hiding low in a hedge. A female, I believe. A Blackbird alarm called from the same hedge as the Sparrowhawk’s presence became apparent when it flew; a lucky escape perhaps. 

On the loop back, two Buzzards, one of which was being mobbed by crows, and a female Sparrowhawk again, gliding low and quite close to me, perhaps the same bird, a little annoyed this time that I’d again thwarted a hunt. I heard what sounded like chicks chirping in a hedge, and moving around the other side of it, I saw a Bullfinch briefly perched before disappearing inside.


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