There was little wind as I set off down the lower path from Chantry Car Park, and around the back to Kithurst, on an after-work trip. A large cloud system was slowly starting to drift over.  There were Yellowhammers calling at the car park, and presumed Willow Warblers with fresh plumage and distinct yellow eyes stripes. A single Swallow flew over northwards. Along Chantry Hill where I’m regularly seeing Kestrels there was one today, and Whitethroats and more Willow-Chaffs. Towards Kithurst I stood and observed a flock of passerines flitting through the small tree tops. The views were challenging but there were tits and Chaffinchs, and a drab looking Warbler that I think was Garden Warbler, but without a call or song to go with the sighting I’m not confident with the ID. I suspected that two corvids I saw fly over earlier were Ravens, but I definitely heard one clucking here with another large corvid.
Path to Kithurst

On the loop back the harvest of the Angmering Park Estate farms was ploughing on, and I was unfortunate to be walking alongside a combine harvester following a field spanning nearly half of the length of the route back. It was flushing a lot of passerines from the hedges which were very quickly away and hiding. The only bird I managed to see was a Whitetroat
Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester

Approaching the car park a Kestrel was perched on a pile of straw, and there were Meadow Pipit, Yellowhammer and Whitethroat around, and Rooks on Sullington Hill.
Meadow Pipit


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